Happy Holidays

Dear Water Sisters:

This past year has been a whirlwind of dynamic energy for many on this path of enlightenment. Water ceremonies have been flowing all over the world creating ebbs of magic connections to the Universal cosmic entities, it goes even further to our Star Nation Family, they are feeling us.

Through the Divine frequencies we have been joined with these higher powers and it  has led us to know our true paths and dedicated journeys. As we work together with our united blessings around the world healing is being done upon us and our Mother.

We have added a page to our water Blessings web site. The Grandmothers Lodge of the White Buffalo. It was created because as we sit with our altars in prayer many many messages and prophecies were revealed to us and said these messages were to be given to the world.

Our Grandmothers hold council to communicate with the Most Divine Sacred White Buffalo, we need the image that they portray of peace and harmony and they need us to know that we are working to remind others of our purpose on this Earth.

Please continue to embrace our Sisterhood and share your waters from your ceremonies so that we can continue to send out the combined waters that now have over 200 sources…this water goes to the White Buffalo family in Bend Oregon and sprayed upon them acknowledging the honor that is exchanged between us.

We are asking that you respond to waterblessings@msn.com to let us know that our mailing list will include your name, address and e-mail account. Please go to the web site of our Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites and see our Grandmothers of the Lodge of the White Buffalo…


Tonya Whitedeer

Many Blessings and Honey in the Heart….Grandmothers, Rain on

Rain on the Earth

the Earth and Tonya Whitedeer

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