Joining the Waters Prayer Dates 2015

worldwaterblessingsThis year we holding a year long water blessing.  Sending Love to Mother Waters which will be held on designated days throughout the year. You can join from wherever you are.

What do do?

Before the Designated Sending Love to Mother Waters with prayer

On the designated prayer date all you have to do is pray from wherever you are over a body of water (lake, river, bowl etc.) and ask for healing for the Mother Waters, Mother Earth and all living beings. As you do so many others are doing these same prayers all over the world.

Water Blessing Prayer Dates 2015 (Held on full moon and equinoxes)

March 20th Vernal Equinox (Spring)

March 22nd World Water Day

Apr. 4 Pink Moon

May 3 Flower Moon

June 2 Strawberry Moon

June 21st Summer Solstice

July 1 Buck Moon

July 31 Blue Moon

August 23rd Fall Equinox

Aug. 29 Sturgeon Moon

Sept. 27 Harvest Moon

Oct. 27 Hunter’s Moon

Nov. 25 Beaver Moon

Dec. 11 Cold Moon

December 21/22nd Winter Equinox

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