Celebrating World Water Day- March 22nd


Water was once the source of all Renuka’s struggles. She had to walk far and wait in line to get her drinking water, and it made her absent for work. She had to carry heavy vessels, full of water for herself and her siblings, and it hurt her head, her spine, her arms, and her legs. And the water was often unsafe for drinking.

So when a Water.org partner approached Renuka, and told her about WaterCredit, she took the loan immediately. Thanks to a new, household water connection, Renuka is free from the debilitating pains which once plagued her, and the water that flows from her new tap is safe to drink, keeping her whole family healthy and happy.

Renuka’s water connection gives her strength, and the ability to earn a living.

Tell the world what water gives you at WaterDay.org.

Watch the video

Celebrate World Water Day March 22nd

Celebrate the fact that we’re closer than ever to the day when everyone everywhere has access to safe water.




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1 Response to Celebrating World Water Day- March 22nd

  1. Dear Sisters. I will be facilitating a Water Blessing Ceremony, Spring Equinox and Full Moon Ceremony on March 23rd. On the Gulf of Mexico in FL. Blessing the Water of the World. Peace to all. Whotefawnstar, Rev. Carine Dawley pathwayofpeace.blogspot.com

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