Celebrating World Water Day- March 22nd


Water was once the source of all Renuka’s struggles. She had to walk far and wait in line to get her drinking water, and it made her absent for work. She had to carry heavy vessels, full of water for herself and her siblings, and it hurt her head, her spine, her arms, and her legs. And the water was often unsafe for drinking.

So when a Water.org partner approached Renuka, and told her about WaterCredit, she took the loan immediately. Thanks to a new, household water connection, Renuka is free from the debilitating pains which once plagued her, and the water that flows from her new tap is safe to drink, keeping her whole family healthy and happy.

Renuka’s water connection gives her strength, and the ability to earn a living.

Tell the world what water gives you at WaterDay.org.

Watch the video

Celebrate World Water Day March 22nd

Celebrate the fact that we’re closer than ever to the day when everyone everywhere has access to safe water.




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Water Ceremony for Peace – 12pm – July 11, 2015

Join from wherever you are in the world.      July 11th…whenever and wherever you are….

Please connect to Water and your sincere heart and say the Grand Invocation and the Ho’opono pono Prayer three time either aloud or to yourself. Together we will create a global wave of Love & Gratitude for World PeaceThank you for your…beloved hearts.


“Water… I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you and I Love You”

Every Month on the 11th at 12:00pm Your Local Time Zone Together we will create a global wave of Love & Gratitude for World Peace Thank you for your continued Love and Support  ~ Arigatou

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Greetings from our Sister

Greetings Water Sisters. Last night, July 1, the full moon called me to come to her. I went outside to offer Water Ceremony. I walked over to the edge of the Saratoga Springs Community Garden, on the edge of a protected wetlands. I brought Asama (sacred tobacco) that was previously offered in Ceremony and put it down as an offering in the herb garden I tend.

With birch bark clapping sticks I sang the Ojibwe Water Song. I could hear little tree frogs nearby and green frog with his banjo plucking song. The full moon was beautiful and with a heart full of love, I offered the seven directions Ojibwe chant Nibi Wabo to honor the Water, a living Being who makes it possible for all life species to live.


Butterfly Woman monarch

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Keshe Foundation Event

Seemingly, like mushrooms springing forth after the rains, change is NOW upon us. The long awaited time for alternatives and independence is here.  On July 2nd through the 4th 2015, The Keshe Foundation will be releasing open-source information, knowledge and devices that will lead to the return of all peoples of the Earth to a status of Freedom. The following link will gain you access to this event.  The Time Zones around the world will differ and you may wish to consult a World Clock for your zone. 
The event time will be Thursday, July 2, 2015:  CET  9 am  ( CENTRAL EUROPEAN )  MST  1 am   ( MOUNTIAN STANDARD )   PST 12 am  ( PACFIC STANDARD )  and will be Archived for all to view on http://www.keshefoundation.org/broadcast 


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Joining the Waters Prayer Dates 2015

worldwaterblessingsThis year we holding a year long water blessing.  Sending Love to Mother Waters which will be held on designated days throughout the year. You can join from wherever you are.

What do do?

Before the Designated Sending Love to Mother Waters with prayer

On the designated prayer date all you have to do is pray from wherever you are over a body of water (lake, river, bowl etc.) and ask for healing for the Mother Waters, Mother Earth and all living beings. As you do so many others are doing these same prayers all over the world.

Water Blessing Prayer Dates 2015 (Held on full moon and equinoxes)

March 20th Vernal Equinox (Spring)

March 22nd World Water Day

Apr. 4 Pink Moon

May 3 Flower Moon

June 2 Strawberry Moon

June 21st Summer Solstice

July 1 Buck Moon

July 31 Blue Moon

August 23rd Fall Equinox

Aug. 29 Sturgeon Moon

Sept. 27 Harvest Moon

Oct. 27 Hunter’s Moon

Nov. 25 Beaver Moon

Dec. 11 Cold Moon

December 21/22nd Winter Equinox

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World Water Day

Dear Sisters,

Grandmother Agnes Pilgrim Baker

We join together around the world on March 22, 2015 in ceremony, prayer and action for United Nations World Water Day.  We will met you in our hearts!

Blessings All Ways

Grandmother Rain

Grandmother Tonya



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Step Into the Light

Joseph Campbell reminds us, “The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.” And this is where we are: in the dark time, the cold and wet time, the time of hibernation–and the time when we light candles and trees to remind ourselves of the light.

The sun has already begun its return journey to the longest day. As you begin to notice the light returning–we “see” it about two weeks after the Solstice–take the opportunity to reflect on all the ways your life has flourished in the last year. Notice, too, the aspects of your life that still remain in the dreary dark. Think of what you want to light up as the new year begins, and light a candle for that, have a sacred fire, or make some other ceremony to feed your light.

And if you are not sure how to move and shift your energy in the ways I am describing, or want to build your energy skills, join us to learn the tools of Energy Alchemy. Stay tuned for an online class this spring!

Blessings of the dark and the light,

Meg Beeler/Earth Caretakers

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From Saratoga Springs, NY with Love

Mary Ellen

Dear Grandmother Whitedeer,

I thought you would be interested in this New York State water news at http://www.happytonics.com/blog/new-york-state-governon-cuomo-says-no-to-fracking

Recently I did a Water Ceremony with a new friend, Lanise Coat. She is terribly ill but being an upbeat artist, she appreciated learning the Ceremony for Water and relished in feeling the depth of offering. I smudged her before starting. She will be my new partner in Ceremony to protect water at Wesley Retirement Center that sits on a 36 acre natural site of beauty.

Don’t know if I told you, but we have wetlands here and there are frogs that sing so beautifully, even in fall and watercress growing in the water. I am very pleased that our environment here is so pristine, due to smart growth and making nature a priority in the City of Saratoga Springs, New York.

Blessings for 2015,

Mary Ellen in Saratoga Springs, New York


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Happy Holidays

Dear Water Sisters:

This past year has been a whirlwind of dynamic energy for many on this path of enlightenment. Water ceremonies have been flowing all over the world creating ebbs of magic connections to the Universal cosmic entities, it goes even further to our Star Nation Family, they are feeling us.

Through the Divine frequencies we have been joined with these higher powers and it  has led us to know our true paths and dedicated journeys. As we work together with our united blessings around the world healing is being done upon us and our Mother.

We have added a page to our water Blessings web site. The Grandmothers Lodge of the White Buffalo. It was created because as we sit with our altars in prayer many many messages and prophecies were revealed to us and said these messages were to be given to the world.

Our Grandmothers hold council to communicate with the Most Divine Sacred White Buffalo, we need the image that they portray of peace and harmony and they need us to know that we are working to remind others of our purpose on this Earth.

Please continue to embrace our Sisterhood and share your waters from your ceremonies so that we can continue to send out the combined waters that now have over 200 sources…this water goes to the White Buffalo family in Bend Oregon and sprayed upon them acknowledging the honor that is exchanged between us.

We are asking that you respond to waterblessings@msn.com to let us know that our mailing list will include your name, address and e-mail account. Please go to the web site of our Sisterhood of the Planetary Water Rites and see our Grandmothers of the Lodge of the White Buffalo…


Tonya Whitedeer

Many Blessings and Honey in the Heart….Grandmothers, Rain on

Rain on the Earth

the Earth and Tonya Whitedeer

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Help Humanity4Water Awards Give Underprivileged Kids and Their Moms a Solstice Party to Remember

Humanity4Water Award Children’s Solstice Party 2014

Help raise $500 to make the party happy!

Omi from Humanity4Water Award Explaining Why a Party for the Children and Their Mothers, and How You Can Help To Make it Happen


We need to raise $500 in two weeks time by December 19th 2014 Why? Well, this year the Humanity4Water Award theme will be Honoring the Light of the Mothers and Children. As such we want to hold a children’s party for underprivileged children and their mothers, who are often the forgotten leaders who will help light the way to creating a beautiful blue planet.

To honor the theme of the mothers and children being the lights of our tomorrow we will hold the Humanity4Water Awards on the winter solstice day, which is the shortest day of the year and marks the moment that our days begin to have more light. At the award party we will announce our Humanity4Water 7th year youth and adult awardees who will include local women and mothers who bring forth, protect and nurture our precious future every day.

In  2011 we held a Humanity4Water award party for local underprivileged children and it went down a treat.

Find out more information and donate by visiting our Indiegogo Campaign,

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