A Tree through History

It all started as a child. I used to go to Congress Park, Saratoga Springs, New York, to sled. My father knew how much Saratoga memories meant to me as I grew older and worked afar. In 1982, he took pictures of Union Avenue where canna arrangements line the avenue in August. At the bordor of Circular Drive on Congress Park and Union Avenue there was always a spectacular flower arrangement. Often it was shaped like a horseshoe, or words would have been spelled out in flowers. Always a stunner.

One photo I looked at yesterday showed the trees that stood directly behind the arrangement. They were there to provide that stood directly behind the arrangement. They were there to provide a privacy screen for the park and the road that went nowhere in front Canfield Museum. Last week I was riding on a local bus and while I was talking to a young Skidmore student who knew tree chemistry, the bus driver Pat said, I have a tree story.

He said, “I was driveing along Circular Street when I noticed a piece of a pine tree that was cut down. It called to me. It was shaped like a heart.” He continued,  “I asked a young man on the bus to get off and get it for me. The piece is now under a seat. I want you to take the piece home. I am supposed to give it to you today.” At first I declined, but then I realized it meant something to not only the driver, but that it had a message for me also.

You see, I had a sacred tree long ago in the forest in Southern Maryland. It was in a Chesapeake Ranch Estates, in Lusby..  Tia, my dog, and I used to walk the horse trail a few times a week. Within this forest was the sacred tree. I won’t write about it now or this story will be too long.

Anyway, I took a beautuful part of a branch that fell from the tree. I loved the virgin wood that was exposed. The fragrant wood ended up being part of an alter that I maintained in Minong, WI. The tree always spoke to me. Tia and I would go visit the tree, before the branch fell. It was a large tulip tree and was burned by lightening fire long, long ago. This had significance for me because it meant that the medicine of the tree was strong. In Southern Maryland, after I brought it home, I kept it under a shed out of the rain, wind, and snow. There was no place in that house to display it. The house in Minong, WI, however, had a fireplace mantel and it was here where I placed the beautiful shaped wood and set up my alter and lit a candle in the morning to do morning offering.

When it became time to leave Wisconsin in 2012, I knew where I was moving to had no place for the alter. I had to leave it behind, along with several other sacred objects. I won’t name them. I took the wooden alter and sacred objects to a place near my home where several women and I would get together and do sacred water cememony. This was a sacred site to me and no one knew of it, expect those I brought there. It was here I did my last Water Ceremony and bid goodbye in the last ceremony. I placed the alter here among the sand dunes and Jack pine that was moving in. These sacred objects had been part of my life in Venezuela and Peru. These were objects that I carried with me after I no longer lived in South America. They had been part of my life since the 1970s.

In Saratoga Springs, I don’t have a sacred wooden alter. This wood is about the right size to place on a wide window ledge. Once again I will have sacred wood around me. I can smell the beautiful scent of pine in my bedroom now as the wood ages. In January, I will give it to a woman who’s husband is a master workworker. He was sand it down and put a light protective coat on it.

Isn’t it amazing how Creator comes to us and offers something that is high significant to each of us? I am honored to know this young man, Pat, the bus driver and to know he recognized the importance of the story, even though he hasn’t heard anything about why.

From our dear sister Insectmonarca monarch

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Greetings from our Sister

Greetings Grandmother Whitedeer,

I recently heard from a grieving mother, Dianne Cintron. She wanted me to thank you for the Healing Shawl. She needs it now and asked that I send you her warmest appreciation.
News for The Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites Website. I am being honored again by the Creator. A protected wetlands is on the 32 acre property where I live at the Wesley Retirement Community and it even has watercress growing on water. This means the water is truly pure. Saratoga Springs, New York, has mineral springs and watercress likes to grow in pure mineral water. I pick it from the gurgling stream on the property and give thanks for the gift of pure food that grows on pristine water.
I am doing Water Ceremony here and loving that I am living in a beautiful Universe and monarchwithin our Mother Earth. Creator has blessed me in that he brought me back to my ancestral home where butterflies are protected. I speak for the regal Endangered Migration Phenomena for the Monarch butterfly and the Endangered Karner blue. I feel that I landed in my bliss.
My heart and joy,
Mary Ellen
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Your Experience with the Net of Light


Need to Hear from You

I’m finishing up the work on the Grandmothers’ third book and would like to include in it some of your experiences with the Net of Light. It could be how your work with the Net, something that happened when you were working with it, how you discovered it, or something else. It may be just a couple of sentences, a paragraph or more. Readers need to know how people feel about and work with the Net of Light. Your experiences will help make the Net real for them.

If you’d like to send something, please include your name and where you are from. And if you’d like to use just your first name or remain anonymous, let me know that too. We may not be able to use every quote or story we receive, but we’ll use as many as we can. Please send to:  info@grandmothersspeak.com

Thank you for your help with this project.



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September 7th Fire Ceremony to Purify our World’s Waters

Grandfather Beautiful Painted Arrow invites you to help make the earth a beautiful place to live

Grandfather Beautiful Painted Arrow invites you to help make the earth a beautiful place to live

Grandfather’s Invitation

We have a responsibility for our water. We are having problems with water all over the world. And we need to do something about it. And it’s time that we start working with the spiritual realms so that they can come and help us so that we can help make the planet a beautiful place to live.

“And the seasons, the four seasons – we can bring them together in ourselves and use them in our meditations in ways that we can begin to realize that we are constantly in this reality and in other realities instantaneously.

“And this is the way. That’s the reason we are two leggeds – so we can walk both worlds at the same time. We can walk more than two worlds – and it’s no longer just an idea. Thank You.”

~ Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow 

We invite you to join our world community and light a fire for the purification

Wolf Fire- Photo by Matt Reinbold

Wolf Fire- Photo by Matt Reinbold

of the waters of life on September 7th. Joseph inspires us to take action – to become love in action by working with spiritual realms – calling on other realities to help here on Earth. The fire becomes the center of a medicine wheel, with the wheel of the seasons, the directions, and the human realms of mind, body, emotions and spirit all brought into focus in the presence of the fire that we light together, all around the world.

Please do invite family and friends to join you – the fire you light contains the potential to ignite healing, purification, and peace here on our planet – and this becomes our contribution to the well being of all of our relations, with all beings. Thank you!

~ Francis Rico 


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Answer the Call to Prayer September 8th, 2014

It’s that time of the month again to join the WaterSongline network in sending love and dolphinpairhealing energy to our Mother Waters, Earth and Humanity. As usual we will gather together at a body of water (bowl, lake, river, ocean) and light a candle from wherever we are

Thanks for joining in!

www.watersongline.com for more dates

Remember the ancient West African oracle has told us this is the year of the Water Mother Osun’s sweet grace and energy. So let’s give apologies, activate and celebrate her and all the Water Mother’s energies with our joyful prayers.

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A Water Blessing Through Infinite feminine wisdom

Here is our prayer that we will be sending out to the Universe Sunday at 11:30 PST as representation for the Grandmothers of the White Buffalo Lodge.  Many Blessings  Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer

Most Divine Mother/Father Creator

We sit within the Grandmothers White Buffalo Lodge holding together these energies of Peace and Renewal. Our intentions are to work through the Sacred White Buffalo, the Divine, and the cosmic directions of the Star Nations to manifest their prophecy of Peace between all peoples and Nations. We shield the innocent from harm until the day they too will have use of this knowledge.

This is our United Prayer and Intent. AHO!

The Grandmothers of the White Buffalo Lodge

Many Blessings in All Ways

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International Forgiveness Day – August 3, 2014

Forgiveness4Forgiveness in the World’s Spiritual Traditions

Forgiveness from Seven Perspectives

American Indian Spirituality Buddhism Christianity Hinduism Islam Judaism   Creator of All Things

by Ann Kathleen Bradley

The world’s major spiritual traditions have long taught the value of forgiveness as a tool for freeing ourselves and others from the tyranny of past judgments and perceptions — or misperceptions. The traditions may offer different rationales for why we should forgive, and different ways to go about it, but the ultimate goal is strikingly similar.

American Indian Spirituality:  Grandfather Lee Standing Bear Moore, Keeper of Manataka says, “Forgiveness is an act that is as natural as giving and receiving love.  One who finds it difficult or refuses to forgive is tied to carrying heavy burdens for a lifetime or until ones heart is softened by the Spirit of the Creator.  Public acts of forgiveness are not uncommon in indigenous villages because the elders understand the importance of sharing the wisdom of love with their children.  Acts of forgiveness are seen as courageous expressions that relieves the pain of those who may suffer.  Forgiveness is achieving balance in the midst of adversity and allowing the Oneness of All to rise above petty emotions.  Strength of character and depth of faith are best demonstrated through sincere and thoughtful forgiveness.”

Read More 

Manataka American Indian Council




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A Dream, a Wish, an Intention

by insectmonarca

A candle is lit and my thoughts go out to Grandmother Whitedeer who posted a few of my posts from Insectamonarca to the Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites, of which I am a council member.

I am so happy we are reuniting again, The Sisterhood of Planetary Water Rites, to protect water and other gifts of Mother Earth. The hour is upon us as Climate Change is affecting so much. Waiting for monarch butterflies to appear in central Massachusetts.

Today we saw a fritillary butterfly but couldn’t get close enough to photograph. This photo is copyright Cindy Dyer.

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Water Blessing and other Stories

by Insectamonarca  ani-butterfly

Lately we have been blessed with rain, here in central Massachusetts. The rain barrels are full. The once parched earth and gardens is alive once again thanks to blessed rain. Last night the thunder storms came rumbling across the hills and forest. There was a light show and crashing thunder overhead. This morning all was still, except the sound of rain drops falling from shiny tree leaves. Trees have had quite a bath lately with the cleansing rains. I walked down the hilly road challenging myself to a farther distance. I am glad I did because I discovered a new mushroom which I will look up shortly. Then too there was the beauty of the morning with rain drop sounds hitting the forest floor. Below one old oak tree I stood and let water drops fall from the leaves into my open mouth. What a wonderful way to quench my thirst, drip by drip. I gave thanks and sang the Nibi Wabo water ceremony chant. Water is very close to my intentions for healing the Earth. Recently I called Grandmother Tonya Whitedeer and told her about my latest adventure of moving to Massachusetts to be closer to my family and better medical care. It is quite astonishing to me that I landed in a protected watershed area near Fitchburg, MA. My sister and her family have lived at the heritage colonial farm since 1976.


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