The Fountain of Spiritual Healing – FOSH

BVP - Fountain of HealingA selection of programs (note) from “The Fountain of Spiritual Healing”, a radio program about Belvaspata which was produced for the seer, Almine by Rain on the Earth and Annique of Gaia.  The show ran from Mother’s Day 5-8-2011 through 4-29-2012.

Complete FOSH archives

World Belvaspata Day 

BVP-Day-300x190Some very special shows were produced for this day of global celebration, sharing miracles around the world and gratitude for Belvaspata.

Belvaspata World Radio – BWR

BWRBelvaspata World Radio is Almine’s current Belvaspata Radio show.  Rain on the Earth and Annique of Gaia were co hosts of Belvaspata World Radio for a brief period.

Putting Belvaspata into Practice

Note: After our contractual agreement to produce the show for Almine ended and it became clear that Almine was not going to use the station by making no payment to continue,  the station was renamed to “Medicine Walk Radio” and a new programming produced by the former co-hosts with new sponsorship. At that time, these archived shows were removed so that there was no conflict of interest or misrepresentation.
This body of information was produced for those interested in Belvaspata, both new to seasoned practitioners alike. Here are some selections from these programs without charge and with recognition of Almine as the source of Belvaspata, “Healing of the Heart” which she received from the Infinite Mother to compensate for cosmic changes of this time that have made other healing modalties obsolete.  And with link to her current BVP program.