Robin Youngblood

Interviews with Rev Robin Youngblood, Church of the Earth. Applying the wisdom – when

Robin Youngblood

Robin Youngblood

the pedal hits the metal

      • Authencity – 5-5-2013 Being true to who you are and your path
      • Trust – 6-3-2012 Robin on the road with her heart and pockets full of trust
      • Oso mudslide interview – 3-23-2014 Robin is a survivor telling it like it is when a wall of mud hit her house at 150 miles an hour. What created this disaster?  Robin sounds her call for her community.

Mother’s Day May 11, 2014,  Join Robin for a special meditation, call for healing and prayer. Robin shares her recent experiences with the mudslides in Washington State, how to help and remembering other areas of the world that have been effected to similar disasters. Then we connect to the Grandmother Tree and call for global healing for all beings on this beautiful planet earth.

Hand to Hand  Giving…to those impacted by the Mudslides in Washington State. Church of the Earth. Donate here to support those displaced by the Oso Mudslides.

July 4, 2015  Robin Youngblood is interviewed on White Buffalo Radio– What do the White Buffalo mean to her?  And specifically the White Buffalo herd?

How did the mudslide impact her life?  What tools does she have that allowed her to survive and how can you apply them in your life?  And most importantly what is she up to now?

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